April 30, 2014

Food for thought on cosmetics

Really???? The cosmetics industry is hiring lobbyists to convince elected officials to continue to allow formaldehyde in many personal care products and plastic "micro beads" in facial and body scrubs.

I'd like to preserve the look of 35-year old skin, even 45, but with formaldehyde? I think not.

And those plastic microbeads are showing up in ocean and river water samples around the world. The still missing Malaysian Airlines flight brought the amounts of plastic floating in our oceans into the consciousness of a lot of folks who never knew about it. But so far, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics group is a lone voice in the wilderness bemoaning these cosmetic industry ingredients.

Since adopting the Whole30 foods program, I am reading food labels much more diligently. Looks like I'll need to alot more time for all my shopping.