May 6, 2014

CSX concerned about Virginia rivers?

CSX train tracks in Roanoke, Virginia, were in the headlines last week after the crude oil spill into the upper James River. The media reports now tell us that the spill was a minor event and that most of this oil that was not contained by booms either evaporated or was diluted by heavy rains as it floated down the James. That doesn't reduce my concerns, however. Faulty oil tanks, tracks and brakes, not to mention human error, will contribute to future oil spills. The folks along the Hudson River are also concerned as more barges float this stuff down Pete Seeger's favorite river. Heavy crude oil will be a bigger issue to all concerned since it does not float and will sink to river bottoms. 

The CSX website includes this great PR announcement, but they may need to kick in more dollars to environmental groups if oil spills continue:

In 2012, CSX provided $1.2 million in support of Virginia charitable and community initiatives, including key partnerships with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, the Elizabeth River Project, the James River Association, the Newport News Green Foundation and Keep Prince William Beautiful.