May 2, 2014

Oil spill in Virginia too close to home

Cove off James River
Those two railcars full of crude oil from the Bakken oil fields of North Dakota did not need to end up in the James River. But the oil that escaped is on its way down the James as I post this. I actually walked down to the river twice today to see if any oily globs were in sight. It is supposedly floating.

Why did the 15 railcars on that train derail? Early reports are that the train may not have slowed down enough as it rounded that point on the train tracks. Or did the recent rains weaken the gravel and soil in that section of track? I hope that answers will be soon in coming and that railcar standards will be strengthened sooner than later.

I had just posted on this blog a few weeks ago about the railcars of oil that make their way to the storage and shipping facility in Yorktown, wondering if those tracks were close to me. I now know the answer. The James River was already on Preservation Virginia's threatened rivers list. Today it is hurting even more.