May 8, 2014

Winter took a toll on Chesapeake crabs

I was feeling crabby as I read more headlines about this past winter reducing the blue crab population. Perhaps 25 percent of these tasty crustaceans in the Chesapeake Bay died during this exceptionally cold winter. 

More than 200 million female crabs are needed to get the bay's crab population back to 1991 levels, and the winter count estimated only 69 million. So the winter dredge of crabs will most likely again be closed since females are the ones hiding in muddy bottoms.

But what chance do blue crabs have to repopulate the bay when watermen can set up to 300,000 crab pots in Virginia alone? Guess those deep water red crabs may come to our tables sooner than expected. Watermen have a tough way to make a living. Hope their way of life can continue.