June 17, 2014

Good news for the Chesapeake Bay

Huzzah for the Chesapeake Bay. All seven watersheds affecting the bay signed on to a new Bay Watershed Agreement yesterday. And this agreement goes beyond the obvious goal of better water quality. Climate change even got more than a pleasant nod.

The governors of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and New York, along with the D.C. Mayor, pledged a bunch of measurable restoration goals.

And today's headline of millions of new federal dollars going to shoring up vulnerable Hampton Roads shorelines made me smile as well. Especially since we have been sailing these waters in recent days.

So habitat restoration, land conservation, better fisheries management, toxics control and citizen education should see some major improvement in the coming years.

Governor McAuliffe pushed for climate change to be included as well because Hampton Roads is second in vulnerability to rising sea levels behind New Orleans. But the mayors of the coal states of Pennsylvania and West Virginia listened to their lobbyists and no mention was made in the agreement to reduce carbon emissions.

Building homemade boats is still an option.