June 20, 2014

Virginia waters nothing to brag about

I knew Virginia waters were not in the best shape, but fifth worse in the nation for nasty chemicals? And my beloved lower James River ninth worst watershed for arsenic and lead?

That's what the latest "Wasting our Waterways" report from Environment Virginia says. They are basing these rankings on 2012 figures on dumped chemicals self-reported to the EPA by industrial facilities. Nearly 12 million pounds of chemicals into Virginia waters! 3.23 million pounds of toxic chemicals in the entire Chesapeake watershed should get into the headlines.

Restoring the bay by 2025 looks like an unattainable goal to me. Power plants, paper mills, and poultry farms are major contributors. But the surprising news to me was that the biggest culprit is the U.S. Army. Its Ammunition Power Plant near Radford released more than 7.3 million pounds into the Upper New River Waterway.

Many chemicals are not even evaluated for their toxicity. And fracking chemicals are "trade secrets," according to the infamous Dick Cheney's Halliburton loophole. So the true amount of toxic chemicals may be even more than reported. Seems like a war on chemicals should take place.

To read the report, go to www.environmentvirginia.org