July 9, 2014

Chigger season is here in Virginia

These darn almost microscopic mites are making outdoor living miserable for a lot of us in Tidewater Virginia. One look behind my knees and more tells you that they thrive in the tall grasses and shrubs in my yard. Or maybe I found them while searching for a lost golf ball.

Contrary to popular belief, chiggers do NOT burrow into your skin. So coating the bites with nail polish accomplishes nothing. 

The nymph form find a spot on your body with some restrictive clothing and then settle down for some fine dining. They inject a digestive enzyme that literally liquifies your skin cells and lymph, so they can suck them up. You don't feel the bite for quite a few hours and the itching begins a day or so later. REALLY big time itching. 

Calamine lotion or other prescription anti-itch medications relieve some of the itching for a short while. And the itching seems worse at night.