September 22, 2014

There is no PLANET B

That is a catchy phrase. And yesterday's climate change awareness march in New York City got a bit of news coverage. But the real actions need to be taken by world leaders. This week's United Nations summit on climate change may be the beginning of a change in more than attitude. But can the world leaders agree to actually set attainable and measurable goals within my lifetime? Unbelievably, there are still climate change deniers and skeptics choosing to toss aside science and believe what they want to believe. And the reality is that carbon emissions in the U.S. continue to increase.

Until sanity rules and the public demand real changes, little progress may be made--as our Planet A warms up even more.

But the United Nations will also be busy this week dealing with the increasing number of insurgents from other nations who are joining ISIS. That is a more imminent problem.