October 6, 2014

Train tracks in trouble?

A recent article in the Daily Press, with a "Dangerous Defects?" headline, should have gotten all readers' attention. But most have already forgotten the fire resulting from the CSX train derailment in Lynchburg, Virginia just a few months ago in late April. The 15 train cars that ended in the James River? The cars full of crude oil on their way to the Yorktown refinery?

That accident is still under investigation. Just a few days after the April 30 accident, inspectors found quite a few troublesome spots where support ties or bolts were missing, rails were cracked or two inches out of line and support soil or gravel was compromised. But now we know that inspectors found significant faults on that specific line six weeks before that derailment. 55 faults have been noted on the line through James City County and Newport News!

Just what constitutes urgency here? CSX is indeed spending about $1 billion this year maintaining existing tracks, signals and bridges. CSX, along with Norfolk Southern, operate about 2000 miles of train tracks in Virginia. Federal regulations call for tracks as heavily used as the CSX mainline through our area to be inspected at least twice a week and immediate repairs made. So someone is not doing their job.

CSX maintains that the derailed train was traveling at an order of slower speed through Lynchburg last April. But 10 mph on tracks with missing bolts and rails two inches out of alignment is not the answer. Watch these crude oil train cars traveling through our area and ask yourself if you are sleeping soundly. Another derailment WILL occur. It is just a question of WHEN.