December 9, 2014

Powhatan's Village will be protected

Algonquin Chief Powhatan ruled these parts in 1607 when John Smith and friends "discovered" our Chesapeake Bay Area. Powhatan's seat of power was called Werowocomoco, a tract on the York River now privately owned by Bob and Lynn Ripley. But this piece of history on 57 of their acres has been threatened for some time by erosion. 

Good news! A $199,000 National Fish and Wildlife Foundation grant will allow the nice folks at VIMS (Virginia Institute of Marine Science) to get busy in dealing with the erosion on these cliffs. The main feature of this restoration project will be two or more sills of piled rocks just offshore that will give a friendlier habitat for marsh grasses to thrive and more sand to remain. Hopefully, about 15,000 square feet of marsh will keep 900,000 pounds of sediment from washing into the York River each year. Yes, each YEAR. Mother Nature is a tough old gal.