January 7, 2015

James River power lines are again in the headlines

Fear of the dark a lobbying force? Really?

Dominion Power must believe that if they repeat it enought, the public will believe them. So they keep saying that without the proposed 500 volt power lines across the James River, power outages in Hampton Roads will occur in the near future, all the way from northern Virginia to North Carolina.

Thus, yesterday, the Virginia Supreme Court heard Dominion's oral arguments and those of opposing groups such as the James River Association, James City County and the Save the James Alliance who want to preserve the rather pristine look of the James River in that area. Also up for decision is whether a switching station is part of a power transmission line. They are integral to each other, but did the State Corporation Commission (SCC) err in late 2013 when they signed off on the project without input from James City County?

Marred views from our shorelines or impending darkness? 295 foot towers higher than the Statue of Liberty or no lights or TV? Dominion is not enthusiastic about burying the power lines, claiming that would add additional millions of dollars to the project cost.

The Supreme Court decision is not expected to make their decision until later this year. But stay tuned.  Then too, the Army Corps of Engineers still need to add their two cents before all can proceed.