March 4, 2015

A cleaner James River?

$76 million may make a major difference to the water quality of the James River. It has been "predominantly brown" since I moved here eleven years ago, with frequent blue-green algae blooms many summers.

But the major pollutant is nitrogen, 575,000 pounds of it each year. Much of that has been coming from the wastewater treatment plant in Hopewell, east of Richmond. A $49 million grant from Virginia's Department of Enronmental Quality will join the dollars from other sources to upgrade those wastewater treatment facilities. 

The James is a very busy river. According to documents at the Corps of Engineer's James River Partnership website, between 1,000 and 2,500 barges a year travel up the river to the Deepwater Terminal in Richmond. Between 100 and 200 ships, not including the Ready Reserve Fleet at Fort Eustis or pleasure boats, travel on the James every year, with many of them transporting cargo to and from industrial facilities in Hopewell.