June 2, 2015

Hurricane season begins

It is tempting to be complacent after NOAA's predictions for this year's hurricane season. Only six to eleven named storms? But in the past, some doozies of hurricanes have popped up in rather "mild" hurricane years. Remember Andrew? Or Hugo?

Being sailors, we are Weather Channel regulars and always monitor the situation for predicted storms. I also subscribe to Caribbean news postings. These islands are on the lookout for tropical depressions long before our mainland.

BTW: I put this blog on vacation while I enjoyed a long European vacation. It was somewhat bittersweet to see many wind turbines in the UK and France while the US remains slow to embrace this energy. And I still yearn to see ANY country develop tidal energy. Tides are a constant while solar and wind depend on Mother Nature. She has not been kind in recent weeks as floods in Texas claimed so many lives, while Californians are asked to conserve water.