December 7, 2015

Sturgeon in the path of James River crossing?

The James River Riverkeeper, Jamie Brunkow, is an expert on the lower James River. So when he recently pointed out that Dominion Power's planned transmission power lines might affect the sturgeons' spawning grounds, I took notice. 

This prehistoric looking fish saved John Smith and friends from starving in the early 1600s, but I haven't seen it on any local menus of late. Nor do I want to. Sturgeons are struggling to make a comeback and I'd like to see them succeed.

And so, Dominion, please reconsider closing the Yorktown Powerstation and leave the James River alone. Why Dominion considers converting the Yorktown plant from coal to gas as "not cost-effective" is a mystery to me and many other folks. The company simply dismisses the idea without adequately explaining their rationale or the cost. Installing 17 towers and power lines across the James is not a cheap venture either.