March 11, 2016

Better news for the James River

The announcement of the settlement between the James River Association and Dominion Virginia Power was a somewhat brighter bit of news this week. Perhaps the recent protesters in Richmond made their point about the discharge of treated coal ash wastewater into the James River. Cleaner water standards will be implemented and fish near the Bremo power station's discharge area will be tested for arsenic and other heavy metals that are in coal ash.

But any threat to theses waters should not be taken lightly. Dominion insists that merely 2.2 million gallons of "treated" wastewater will end up in the James each day, far less than the 10.2 gallons daily that is in their permit. But how long will that be the case?

witnessed the sugar industry's wastewater discharge in Florida just two weeks ago and it was not a pretty thing. The line of demarcation as the wastewater from Lake Okeechobee entered the Caloosahatchee River and then San Pedro Bay was very visible. See for yourself what regulations really mean.