April 18, 2016

Dominion Power is powerful, but confusing

In all their responses to not converting their aging York River power plant from coal to gas, company spokespersons simply say that is "not feasible." How they define that phrase is not clear.

Is it the cost? Proposals have not been made public as far as I know. No cost estimates that I have read about. Only that costs have vacillated over the last few years, especially after Dominion starting pushing for a James River power lines crossing.

Dominion folks claim that sufficient gas cannot get to that York River plant. But now I read that the plant currently runs only at times when demand is high. That seems to contradict their lack of gas argument.

According to a recent Daily Press article, "Dominion spokeswoman Bonita Billingsley Harris said the company has asked the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for permission to keep the Yorktown coal units running until June 2017.

She said the company understands that the EPA will issue its permission on or shortly after its current exemption expires. The plant, which runs only at times when demand is high, is not currently generating power."