January 12, 2017

Thank you, Dominion. Thank you, SUN.

Today's impressive photo in the Daily News of the now operating 100-acre Isle of Wight solar farm made me smile. The 19 megawatt facility will power approximately 4700 homes. Dominion Virginia Power now has three solar sites that power 14,000 homes.

These sites are also a big blessing to the three farming families who formerly grew strawberries and other crops. No more second-guessing the whims of Mother Nature since they lease their lands to Dominion and get guaranteed incomes now.

January 11, 2017

More mosquitoes?

Just when my Zika-phobia was lessening, I read that two non-native mosquitoes (formerly common only in Central and South America) are now making their homes in south Florida, according to recent findings by folks at the University of Florida. And one of these mosquitoes is from a species that transmits Everglades encephalitis virus--for which there is no vaccine. And that makes NINE new non-native mosquito species there in the last decade.

Sure makes our Virginia chiggers seem more benign.

January 6, 2017

Grading Chesapeake Bay on a curve?

Was it a coincidence that today's Daily Press included 39 pages of area schools' honor roll students and a major article (although on page 4) about the Chesapeake Bay Foundation folks giving our Bay a C minus?

The end of that article explained that the Bay in John Smith's time would have received an A, based on 100 points. Four hundred years and 18 million people later, the Chesapeake receives a score of 34, based on 70 for a "fully restored Bay." And the goal for 2025 is only 40.

So an "A" in Bay terms is only 70? Grade inflation by my definition.

No wonder area schools have so many students on their honor rolls. It might have been easier and a waste of less paper to print the names of those NOT on the honor rolls.