January 6, 2017

Grading Chesapeake Bay on a curve?

Was it a coincidence that today's Daily Press included 39 pages of area schools' honor roll students and a major article (although on page 4) about the Chesapeake Bay Foundation folks giving our Bay a C minus?

The end of that article explained that the Bay in John Smith's time would have received an A, based on 100 points. Four hundred years and 18 million people later, the Chesapeake receives a score of 34, based on 70 for a "fully restored Bay." And the goal for 2025 is only 40.

So an "A" in Bay terms is only 70? Grade inflation by my definition.

No wonder area schools have so many students on their honor rolls. It might have been easier and a waste of less paper to print the names of those NOT on the honor rolls.