March 30, 2017

NOT easy being green

Who am I kidding? It is no longer easy to be green.

Our elected folks in DC are putting barriers in our way:
  • A neutered EPA with employees now forbidden to even use the term "climate change"? 
  • Coal returning as a positive energy source? * 
  • Clean water no longer a major goal? 
  • Higher gas mileage regs being rolled back? 
  • Recently banned pesticides getting back onto our crops? 
  • And now. . . the return of Twinkies?

* No word yet on whether Dominion's two coal-burning units at their Yorktown Power Plant will indeed be closed down on the anticipated day, April 15. Or does the latest executive order breathe new life into them? Either way, the plant's oil-fired unit is still allowed to burn up to 8% of the time.

My postings to this blog have dropped in frequency, but I WILL PERSIST in spite of these threats to a healthy future world for my grandkids.