October 30, 2017

James River health improves 10 points

The folks at the James River Association caught my attention when they recently announced that the James River's health had improved by 10 points in 10 years. That was good news indeed since I walk along this river's shorelines frequently.

But what this retired teacher does NOT understand is how the current health of the James River earned a "B-" from these great watchdogs of the James when the overall score had just risen to 62% of its goals. No student I ever had earned a "B-" for a 62. That is a "D" in most classrooms.

OK, so 14 out of 19 "indicators" had improved. And wastewater pollution controls have helped a LOT. Plus a recent speaker I heard talking about the growing numbers of tagged sturgeon in both the James and Chickahominy.

Check out the James River Association website for more ways to help the James.