August 28, 2014

No swimming signs mean business

Most of us know that it is best to NOT swim in local waters after a big rain, even though local health departments monitor a lot of our beaches. In fact, 46 of Virginia beaches have water samples taken weekly from May to September. But those "frog drowners" flush a lot of nasty stuff off roads, parking lots and lawns into our streams. Then ultimately to our rivers; then finally the Chesapeake Bay.

And I have heard firsthand stories this summer while sailing about listeria causing flesh-eating afflictions to watermen and unwary folks who swim with unhealed cuts.

So I was glad to see a posting in AskHR Green that provided more helpful advice as the Labor Day weekend approaches:

To stay up to date on beach conditions, follow VDH’s Beach Monitoring Program on Twitter (@VDHBeach) to receive  notifications of the status of current swimming advisories, or log on to: