September 22, 2017

Chickahominy River is in the news

Few folks outside Virginia have even heard of the Chickahominy River. It has been in recent headlines as a possible source of drinking water for James City County (JCC) residents. The Chick, as it is known locally, is either brackish or quasi-fresh, depending on the amount of rainfall received in its watershed. The line of demarcation moves up and down the river accordingly. Watermen recognize this when they set their crab traps.

So Virginia's Department of Environmental Quality is proposing that JCC be allowed to draw up to almost 17 million gallons of water PER DAY and send it to a new desalinization plant to convert it to drinking water. That amount is three times more than what the county draws right now from groundwater wells and aquifers. But this project may not even see the light of day until 2028 to 2032. And its cost of $120 million is nothing to sneeze at.

Why this initiative now? We thirsty folks have been drawing down our Potomac aquifer for decades.

So stay tuned.

September 15, 2017

Menhaden need more admiration

After a long hiatus from posting on this blog (vacation called), an article in today's Daily Press caught my attention. Read it at for all the details.

The lowly menhaden is the Rodney Dangerfield of Chesapeake Bay fish. It gets no respect except from the residents of Reedville, Virginia whose economy depends on it. And the Omega Protein Company whose odoriferous processing plant will offend your nostrils if the wind is blowing your way on their processing days. Menhaden do NOT show up in fine restaurants--except possibly in ladies' lipstick. Most of this baitfish end up in fishmeal and animal feed.